Working With You
To Resolve Your
Long-term Pain

Working With You
To Resolve Your
Long-term Pain

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Simon Rogers, The Mind Body Coach.

‘The greatest pain in life is not knowing yourself’

I’m passion about supporting people to explore and maximise their relationship with themselves and their lives so that they can actualise their potential.

I typically work with women in their 40s that are in management roles and are constantly putting everyone else first. They feel like they are just putting one foot in front of the other and are afraid that this is all there is. I work with them resolve their pain for good so that they are no longer be afraid of their feelings, take back control of their lives, to have more choices and trust that they can have it all by serving others and themselves at the same time.

Why Me?

3 step system
Restore Your Body Now Core Values

Core Values

Kindness, Trust and Growth

  1. Kindness: Being kind to others is often easier than applying it to ourselves. I can show you how you can apply this to yourself.
  2. Trust: I understand that opening up yourself about challenges is a hard thing to do. I aim to make that as easy as possible for you.
  3. Growth: I believe that life is about actualising your potential. I will help you to see your potential and grow.

What My Clients Say

And Some Written Testimonials...

‘My back pain started a little after Christmas, prompted by the continued lifting and carrying of my humongous toddler. At first it was just backache, although pretty horrible, but over the course of the next few months, it spread to my buttocks and down my legs...
Frankie Cogger

I found it quite hard to pinpoint the pain as it seemed to cover quite a large area and vary in intensity throughout the day. At its best, I could lie down without pain; at its worse I passed out with the pain.
I would stand in the mornings after the struggle of getting up and getting mobile, and the tears would just fall and I’d focus all my efforts on not sobbing …because sobs, like sneezes and coughs, made everything so much worse.
I contacted Simon for some advice. I’d seen the doctor, been prescribed a cocktail of pills and given a website detailing some stretches I had to do.
I’d been following the doctor’s advice for about a month but not seen any improvement – in fact things had got worse – and I wanted to speak to someone about the usefulness of these stretches to my specific problem.
Simon was very generous with his time, offering a virtual consultation due to the lockdown situation. Following this and a second virtual meeting, I had learnt a lot: firstly, I had been given some stretches specific to my problem, along with advice regarding the practice of these, but the main gift I was given was an understanding of how to allow my body to heal itself though a shift in my own mindset.
When Simon first mentioned the word ‘mindset’, I nodded and smiled, but internally felt a little deflated as, when you’re in that much pain, the idea that your mind could help is, quite frankly, ridiculous: maybe for a headache but this was agony – I needed the strongest of drugs to cure this!
However, I was at a point where I really didn’t have anything to lose by trying this new approach. To be fair, I’d have tried anything. So, in the strangest video chat I’d ever had, I closed my eyes and followed Simon’s instructions to become ‘grounded’.
And what happened over the next few days was nothing short of miraculous. I did my homework and more besides: this consisted of my tailored stretches, Simon’s ‘grounding’ audio guide and whatever YouTube clips I could find on ‘healing meditation’.
And within a week I’d say I was, if not cured, functioning at about 97% normal.
Essentially the first question Simon asked was: How is my pain making me feel? Answer – frustrated, resentful and completely hopeless.
He explained that every emotion has a physical manifestation and that negative emotions like this will manifest themselves as tension; and all the while I am creating more tension, my body is unable to heal itself.
Now it’s pretty impossible to embrace the pain as a positive, but what did have to do was shift my thinking to be more positive: ‘I am tackling this problem’, ‘I know what I have to do’ – and then ‘things are improving’.
Simon’s expertise in both the physical and emotional aspects of healing, his approachability, professionalism and generosity of time lead me to recommend him unreservedly to you. So, in short – give it a go. You don’t have to start eating mung beans and lentils or make offerings to your inner goddess – you just have to shift your thinking, be open and let your body work its magic.’

‘I cannot praise and recommend Simon’s guidance and insights enough. What started out as a physical pain morphed into the realisation that childhood and historical events are affecting my current physical and mental wellbeing...
Jaco du Toit

Simon helped me create space for challenges and to ‘hang out with it’, as he likes to say, but more importantly overcome and accept it.
He also helped me manage and overcome my anxiety for the unknown that normally comes with stressful client meetings, by grounding myself and elevating the turmoil my mind tends to conjure.
PS. As a bonus I am now at my ideal weight too. It has truly been live changing. Thank you.’

‘I have managed to make changes both physically and mentally to improve my back pain, my health, and my general well-being through working with Simon...
Chris Day

After the programme I also made a major life decision to set up my own business. This allowed me to have much more control over my life and manage my daily routines to help reduce my stress levels. I have no doubt that this happened in part from the coaching and techniques that I learnt from Simon.’

‘Working with Simon has been a life changing experience for me! At the age of 42, I can't remember there ever being a time that I haven't suffered with lower back pain...
Pascale Lane

This started in my early teens and became significantly worse by the pregnancy and traumatic birth of my first daughter, 7 years ago. Even though I had tried everything, nothing worked and often made it worse. Within 6 months of working with Simon, not am only am I pain-free, I’ve also completed the ‘Couch to 5K’ and am running for fun (something I had on my bucket list but had almost given up on). Most importantly though it has enabled me to be ‘one of the girls’ when I play with my daughters, this is priceless to me! It has been an incredible transformation and one I will be eternally grateful for.’

‘Suffering with extreme anxiety and self-esteem issues for many years I finally went to see Simon last year. In all honesty I was initially sceptical about treatment...
Meg Thomas

I had sought help in various ways before, including once from a Harley Street clinic, but all without success – so why would this be any different?
During our sessions, Simon showed me different techniques to deal with stressful or uncomfortable situations. I never thought that I would see the changes that I have after 10 months of sessions.
I have learnt how to be more present and allow myself to be at one with my emotions. I now have a much more positive outlook on life.
I can’t recommend Simon enough; he has changed my outlook on life and for that I am forever grateful. I know that he will be able to help others who are in the same situation I found myself in.’

‘I initially approached Simon as a last resort for helping me with the pain that was impacting on my physical mobility and my self-confidence. So-called 'conventional medicine’ had left me feeling abandoned and yet I still felt deep inside that I would walk with confidence again.
Annabelle Garland
Annabelle Garland

A chance conversation with an acquaintance led me to a consultation with Simon as an osteopath. After our initial assessment meeting I came away with hope. Simon’s approach is holistic, and I knew instinctively that I was in the right place. Over the months through Simon’s intuitive holistic approach, I have discovered and learnt to apply the resources within myself. I have discovered that I can reduce my pain levels myself through mental and physical process. I had previously heard claims that this could be achieved but was sceptical enough for decades to avoid actually trying that out. Well, I wasted decades but over the past few months, through Simon’s guidance, I feel enabled at last to discover and realise how I can use my inner resources to my physical and emotional benefit. My original goal, to walk half a mile, has become a much wider and rewarding actuality, with benefits I had not expected. I am virtually free of the anti-depressants I have been on for 25 years…. down to just half a tablet and soon to be tablet free. Given the massive personal and family challenges I have been facing before and during the sessions with Simon, it is nothing short of amazing that I have coped…. in the past I haven’t. I have learnt to be aware of and apply my inner resources. I have learnt to draw on my own resources to help me physically, emotionally, and mentally. Certain aspects of events that whirled around and took me over…I know I can be more objective than subjective about things that used to take up my energy. It’s so liberating! I am on track for my original goal of walking half a mile. I can reduce pain levels with meditation and focus. I am definitely a more grounded person. The weight is dropping, I don’t need it as protection anymore! My self-confidence is returning I have reached out and made new friendships in Lockdown. In retrospect I can see that Simon has been guiding me in a carefully structured personalised way, each session appropriate to my progress and needs at that time. He has brought together so many holistic threads I had pursued over the years and just needed his direction to make sense of. I am so pleased to have found Simon has helped me to re-set myself and re-charge myself. I highly recommend him and his process.’

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